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20130313-124005.jpgA big thank you to my first “official” guest blogger!! Amanda made these last night for dinner club!

First off, I love all of these ingredients…except the prosciutto. Yes, you read that correctly. Somehow I just figured out that the real Pinterest recipe called for pancetta instead of prosciutto. Apparently, whomever I pinned it off of didn’t know the difference and incorrectly labeled the pin. Sigh.
So, after making these on three separate occasions, making miniscule adjustments to proportions with the hope of making these taste better, I’ll be picking up some pancetta soon and seeing if I like that any better. My main complaint was the taste and texture of the prosciutto, and I just kept making versions because I REALLY wanted to love these.


Pears (organic D’anjou): $2.59/pound

Goat Cheese: $5

Prosciutto: $27 ish a pound. I purchased half of a pound and made four pears worth of apps.

Honey: $3 I ended up using quite a bit of honey because that’s what I like, but I’m sure you could just use a drizzle. Thankfully, I used my less expensive sourwood when making the large batch instead of the more pricey specialty honeys I have. Yes, I have an addiction. I have honeys from literally all over the world in my cabinet.